TO MENU

        Hey there

        My name is Kensie Nelson Webster and I am a lover of everything photo + video. I thrive on family time, hanging with my awesome husband, and spending time out with my camera. I dabble with decorating, attending school, and occasionally rocking out to loud music in my jeep.

        I’m a student and in the third year of my undergraduate degree. Next year I will graduate with a bachelors degree in Elementary Education, which I am so excited about.

        I’m a Canadian; born and raised in the most wonderful land of all… Alberta. I call Calgary home, but currently reside in Edmonton.

        I have the craziest passion for photography and in many cases photography has shaped me to be a better, stronger, confident and more dedicated person.

        I shoot weddings for a living.
        How cool does that sound?
        I’m an advocate for love and marriage. I think that love is what this world needs more of and I absolutely love being able to capture the incredible love that radiates off of you and your person.

        I will do whatever I can to capture the moments that matter the most to you. I love being a #girlboss, and have big dreams for my little #girlboss career. I dream to one day motivate women across the globe with what I have accomplished, as well as be an educator for both elementary students and photographers. Photography is more than just a passion for me, it is the motivation for anything I do.


        Do you have any background in Photography?
        Do you have assistants?
        What is the best way to contact you?
        Will you second shoot with me?
        A. Absolutely
        I spent a year studying photography at Brigham Young University Idaho. However I am a very hands on person, and I have most definitely taught myself everything that I know. And I take pride in that!